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My Journal will make you laugh , cry , and maybe vomit a little [entries|friends|calendar]
The original potato nazi! TM

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Sorry Kids, "Friends" Only, perhaps you should add me first... [02 Mar 2015|05:23pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

You will not be added if... 1.You are a homophobe. 2.You are a close-minded idiot. 3.You take everything I say seriously and can't take a joke. 4.You like Goerge.W.Bush. 5.You don't love,like,or atleast respect my obsessions. 6.YOU DON'T ADD ME FIRST!

(I can't take my eye's off of you...)

Hooray for newness! [30 Jul 2007|10:51pm]
Well...eheh...I'm a newb....please be nice.

(4 eyes | I can't take my eye's off of you...)

I am posting this again [21 Sep 2006|02:36pm]
1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are!
2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock my socks.
3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!

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